Friday, January 9

Friday, Jan. 9th… Another day… another opportunity… Try Again!

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I’ve been trying for almost 58 years now….trying to be successful at peddling my wares…… which most find, not to be of any value, I guess, because there is little interest in what I have to offer……… so it seems. I’ve offered services, like how to deal with eBay and not get ripped off by buyers or sellers. I published an eBook on the subject, detailing how to open your account, how to open a Pay-Pal account, how to create an auction and how to tell if you have a deadbeat buyer trying to rip you off.
I’ve published an eBook on routine electrical repairs around the house also. It deals with safety around electricity, replacing a faulty receptacle, switch or light fixture. I’ve added a little history on knob and nail wiring and why it is not wise to tackle problems with that type of wiring without extensive training.
I’ve published an autobiography of my twelfth year of life, in Central Pennsylvania, around 1963 when I finally was able to join all the hunters in my family on the first day of buck season. It is entitled, “A Family Tradition”.
I’m now in the process of re-writing another, much larger biography about how Vicki and I met, got together and started our life in our present location on the farm. This one, I will have formally published in paperback or hard copy and will be entitled “An Uncommon Journey”. After it is out, I am going to publish a book of poetry, which Vicki has fallen in love with. It will be entitled…… “Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man”. In it are feelings I’ve experienced and felt throughout my life, which I have penned in the dim gray hours of early, pre-dawn morning light and although I am not sure about sharing these thoughts, Vicki feels it only right to do so, and since I trust her intuition, it will become published and available soon.
Of course, spring is coming and we have all our previously stated plans for the farm, the Alpacas, the Angora bunnies and the Hospice Gift Shop, still hovering on the front burner, as we continue to make ready and keep knitting and producing products for the gift shop to fulfill all of Vicki‘s dreams also, but in the wee hours of the morning, between blogging and those other things, I still plan to write an exciting story of the beginning notions we both had of the farm and a detailed account of our exciting days spent operating it, collecting wool, spinning and creating, but more importantly our story of loving each other and living the tremendously fascinating life that God granted us, as a another chance at happiness…… only this time, together.

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