Thursday, January 8

Thurs. Jan, 8th… Tomorrow…another end to another week………

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I can’t believe just how fast the days and weeks are flying by…… why in just a few weeks, there will be flowers popping through the ground, signaling yet another spring has arrived. We have already weathered the first week of January, and only three more weeks remain in the first month of the year. I have, unlike years past, completely enjoyed this winter and all the snow we have experienced. I find it easier and easier to enjoy the winter time, because I just roll with the flow or………. Snow fall. I don't care if it’s an inch or twenty…… I just deal with it…… I get the snow blower out or the cub cadet with the bucket and remove just enough snow, that we can get out and back in again. If you follow this process and simply remove only enough snow to safely come and go, you too, will more than likely enjoy your winter months and find the lovely snow exactly what you want it to be. LOVELY!!!!! We are finding that we can enjoy our lives better if we just take everything as it comes…… don’t worry…… laugh and hug…… smile and go on…… worrying does nothing except that it causes you to procrastinate about what might be or not be……… yet seldom does it ever come to pass anyway….Just live for today, look to tomorrow and do whatever is needed to keep you and your loved one happy, healthey and secure, then just live.
I know..... I have everything in my life that any one man could ever ask for……… a sensuous, young, sexy woman that is head over heels in love with me and would do anything to please me and make me happy. I, on the other hand, would go to any lengths to keep her happy and content, because she deserves the best that can ever be given to any one angel on this earth. She is a one of a kind lady…… one that doesn’t expect life to come to her, just because she is wants it to, but is constantly meeting it on it’s terms and setting the ground rules as to how it’s gonna be with her life…… and then making sure it takes place.
God how I love and adore her……

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