Thursday, January 8

Thurs. Jan 8th… Drink the wine and dance the night away……

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Good morning all…… Drinking the bottles of wine, chatting in the dim lights at the kitchen table and dancing until the wee hours of the morning was a special evening. After Vick and I finished our dinner, which consisted of loin de pork…Au broccoli with Asian brown Rice, we finished a bottle of Bartenura and then one of sweet Moscato. That inadvertently lead way to soft music, some whirling to Dean Martin and Henry Mancini for awhile and then on to a bout with good ol’ shit kickin’, two steppin’ delights, before we went up to bed and collapsed like the pair of old fogies’ we now appear to be. The mind, heart and soul can sure leave an old body behind………… but it always seems to catch up latern, to drag the party down, sooner than you think. Sooooooo, we gave in cuddled and was asleep by 2:00 AM……. End of story……
Nope…… awake again at 4:00 and as hungry as two ol’ bears rolling amidst the dogs, in a world of blankets.....we donned our housecoats and headed to the table again for cheese, Bialys, crème cheese and peanut butter. Chatting at that hour in the morning in the dim light of the blue rope lights, above the kitchen cabinets and tiny lamps on the sideboard, while nibbling and chatting, especially after earlier wine is a bit of a turn on…… especially when you’re with your sensuous, loving wife, in your own, cozy home. We continued to chat about the Alpacas and Angoras, of spinning their wool and knitting from it, building and raising......... and then were off to bed again, to sleep until eleven. Boy, I’m glad we fed late last evening…… as I went to the barns and refilled all the feed bins just before eating dinner at 6:00PM. All was nice this morning and none of the animals complained about such a late start. I think they were peeking last night!

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