Wednesday, January 7

Wed. Jan. 7th… I got lots of emails about the Virus calamity……

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Seems there are quite a few of you interested in what must be done to clear such a virus out of your computer without losing everything or spending days on it like I did. The answer to that is RELOAD IT. Find someone like me that has been around the block with Best Buy, Circuit City and the likes and has dabbled in his own exploring in the world of viruses and idiocy. DO NOT TAKE IT TO A COMPUTER STORE!! At least thinking you will take it there and they will expunge the virus and your computer will be returned in the same condition it was in before your world changed and the virus latched onto your computer and ate your life as you knew it. NOT gonna happen…… It will never come home cured, as it was before the attack. You’ve already been screwed… Had… Attacked… violated… taken advantage of and unhappy…… don’t allow anyone to coerce you to spend hundreds of dollars. Find a friend that can copy all your program files, pictures and picture files, desktop items and other materials that can be downloaded to an external hard drive, which can then be reloaded into your computer once reset to factory condition. You can find external hard drives that simply plug into any USB slot on your computer which are self contained and very affordable…… Right now you pay around $60.00 to $85.00 for a 4GB SD card and they are slowly outdating them for the new memory sticks which have their own USB plug built right on the memory stick, along with a nice big purchase price! You can now buy an iomega Portable Hard Drive, USB 2.0 Powered, 250 GB unit from Radio Shack for about $100.00. See below. Remember, this is a unit equivalent to 64 of those $60 to $85 4GB SD cards. Now what are ya gonna use?????
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Iomega® Prestige Portable 250GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Model: 34277Catalog #: 25-493
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My advise to you is this, If you have a virus… find a friend well versed in computers, give him your tower or invite him to your house and make sure you have a hard drive there for him to use. Copy all of your files on desktop, shortcuts etc. Then go to Program files and copy them, then my documents, then let him copy anything he thinks is important. Then run your restore disc and after checking it over, reload everything from the hard drive, keeping a copy on there for the future.
PS…… you can get smaller hard drives for less money too. Gotta go now, cause Vick has a good dinner on the table and two bottles of Moscato………One for me and one for her……then I’ll help her with hers… and then I’ll not worry about any virus or anything else for that matter……Cause Vick wants to put on some music and we’ll dance…… and dance….. And then we’ll dance. Bye-Bye……

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