Wednesday, January 7

Wed. Jan. 7th… Onward we’ll trudge throughout the Winter……

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What choice do we have, but to march onward…… toward spring’s arrival date of Friday, March 20th… a time we will all be ready to embrace and enjoy with renewed excitement. We will have all had our fill of the winter weather, the earth will have renewed it’s resources and cleansed itself of last summers waste and the scattered remnants of nature’s birthing. Imagine what our world would look like if God didn’t allow it to take this break and renew itself…… The flowers would probably all be gone, leaving only withered, dead remains of what used to be…… and the lush, beautifully flowing greenery we wait to see emerging in spring, would be heavy, overgrown vines living beyond they’re beauty. Animals would run rampant throughout our lives with sickness and the old, unfit and becoming unable to fend for themselves would, therefore, become dangerous and hungry, posing threats to all.
There is a time and a place for everything and everybody……AND, the world renews……as the old die and the young emerge… much as the flowers in the spring pop up, live their lives as beautiful additions to the world and then die off to make room for new growth and renewed beauty. Thus is the circle of life, with all of us in it. The key to all of this is for each of us to bloom….and make the world a beautiful place…… then step aside as we grow older and our petals begin to fall, making room for the young flowers beauty to show through, so the entire bouquet around us…including us…… continues to remain lovely to those who see us. Ahhhh, Life. Ya gotta love it…… but ya gotta live it to actually love it!
It sounds as though today may be one of those work inside days with the freezing rain and yuck they are calling for. That’s fine with us…. We have plenty of things to do as we ready for the arrival of spring. That’s when we will kick er’ into overdrive again with the building of the Hospice Gift shop and the talked about raised bed garden center planned for the west side yard. Along with all the garden vegetable plants Vick is planning to grow, she has decided to add a lush and fragrant bed of lavender that will also be for sale in different forms this fall. It all sounds like fun and we can hardly wait, even though we need all this time to prepare for the coming months of excitement.

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