Saturday, January 3

Saturday, January 3rd… I’d like to find a virus creator…just once..

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Remove Formatting from selection
Again, this morning…… I seem to have acquired another virus…… somewhere….from an email or eBay possibly. I didn’t have it until we started watching eBay for spinning wheels, but after that, one appeared and won’t go away. Bit defender is the most worthless antivirus program on the market. Several times I have contracted a virus and Bit defender ends up being taken over, allowing it’s setting to be commandeered to the virus’ settings and cannot recover. It is worthless and so vulnerable!
Well, anyway, here I am infected again. I suppose I will investigate a better antivirus program…… one that can cut the mustard, but I’d surely love to spend about ten minutes in a closed, locked room with any little bastard that creates these malicious viruses “for fun” just to cause hate and discontentment for honest people. I’ll guarantee you he wouldn’t create anymore problems for anyone until he learned to type commands into a computer with a pencil, held in his teeth, if he wanted to continue his virus creation crap, because I’d break every finger he has. This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem on the internet…… one that can devastate a person that is doing business on the net, making a living. It is a problem that the authorities need to clamp down on and quick.
I hate when this crap happens…… because it just ruins the entire day for you and everyone else involved. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when your blood is boiling.

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