Thursday, January 15

Thurs. Jan. 15th… Cold is just a figure of speech… unless you’re out there!!!

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If you’re out there, it’s cold… really cold! It hurts to breath while you’re out there and you can hear the snow squeak under foot as you walk. It always amazes me that the animals can survive these kinds of temperatures…… The computer shows 6 degrees out there, but the thermometer on the rear deck is at -15 degrees right now. I don’t know where the computer gets it’s reading…… obviously it is somewhere in Greenville or Freehold because you can use either town for your location in the computer. I think I’ll put my coat on and go see how cold it is in the old chicken house and duck house. Being tied together and vented together……check one and you’ve checked the other. Their heaters work together to keep both the same temperature. I might go into the big barn and throw some hay into the bunnies so they can cuddle in a hay nest tonight too. Some new wood chips in the nesting boxes would be nice for the chickens too. Maybe it will make getting through this cold night a little more comfortable for them.

Below is a picture of the loading bench I just made. Tomorrow I’ll get most of the reloading components down there and I’ll snap another picture of it then and you’ll see a large difference.

This evening I wanted to start the Cub Cadet and let it warm up, but I couldn’t get it to start. It turned over great, but without the crankcase heater…… it’s a cold hearted bugger in this weather and didn’t start. Diesels are like that you know.

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