Thursday, January 15

Thurs. Jan. 15th… Tomorrow evening our company arrives……

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Bill Loraine and Andrew arrive tomorrow night, to start their winter weekend vacation, which we all excitedly await. They come up in the spring for a weekend and then again in the winter, every year and by the time they get here, they are busting at the seams. The winter visit is used to kickback and relax in front of the fire, watch TV and talk or go shopping. The spring visit is usually more intense with fishing, shopping, sightseeing and antique shopping. We are going to do a little antique shopping this time because Loraine needs a “tiquinfix” after the holidays and long workdays, so we’re planning to find someplace to seek out those hidden treasures. Bill doesn’t really need anything to enjoy his stay. He says, As long as he’s away from home, work and hassle, he’s mooch-o-cool-o! We will meet the at Vick’s parents and brothers house again, because that’s how every visit starts. Bill and Loraine grew up around Vick’s family and have remained close throughout the years, so they are as happy to see Joe and Anita, Rich and Robin and the kids that evening as we are. After dinner, we will all sit and talk…laugh and sip some wine, (or whatever else might show up) then head for home and relaxation.
Today, after feeding the critters, I’ll finish my re-loading bench in the little room downstairs and bring my equipment in from the storage site that now houses it. I wanted to do this “build and move” for quite some time, but was always busy with more important tasks, but now that Andrew is coming tomorrow, it’s a good time to complete it because he likes to shoot target and he can learn how to hand load the cartridges too. That’s always fun and different.
Although they are calling for partly cloudy skies for today and no precipitation…. It’s lightly snowing here. It’s one of those lazy fine snows that you can’t see until you look very, very close, but they were right about cold… it’s 4 degrees here right now. BURRRRRRRRRRR. I’m going to the coffee pot and then the pellet stove. See ya later!!

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