Tuesday, January 27

Tues. Jan 27th… Things We’ll do today to beat the snow tomorrow

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Winter here is Beautiful to Behold!
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We awoke to a cold, brisk, clear morning with a beautiful sunrise…
Unfortunately that beautiful blue, sunny sky is supposed to dwindle into a cloud covered mass of gray that will usher in a foot or better of snow by the end of tomorrow evening. It is supposed to start here late tonight and fall all day Wednesday, into late evening, before tapering off to showers and flurries, leaving us to deal with the accumulation of seven inches to over a foot in some areas. We will do as before, just sit here and love it, as we feed pellets to the stove and sip coffee. It’s always a good time for working on knitting projects or the “back to green for Hospice” bags. Robin is enjoying her stay so far and Vick and her were putting the exercising equipment in the basement to work last evening after we returned from the twelve Tribes restaurant in Oak Hill, New York. The restaurant name is actually the Oak Hill Kitchen and they serve deliciously natural foods, prepared on site by members of the commune group that live there. They have a small farm and several other businesses in Oak Hill where they came to dwell some years ago, buying the farm and other old run down buildings, and over the years have rebuilt the town into a quaint little hamlet, well worth visiting. They are a loving, friendly people, quick to invite you to dine there and will politely answer all questions asked about their way of life without the least bit of pressure for you to accept their beliefs.
Today…… we will have lunch at the Two Kids Bakery, because after the buildup we’ve given Robin, continuously about their excellent soups and home made bread, she is more than looking forward to our trip there today. After that, we will need to get pellets picked up and stashed on the front porch before the snow of tonight hits, but we will do that after Kim, the lady from Schenectady arrives with Vick's paintings. Kim is driving down with the two finished Giclee’ prints of Vicki’s original watercolor paintings she made of my cousin's two dogs. Bonnie, my cousin who lives in Mississippi, just recently had to put her dog Dexter down, which broke her heart, so we are anxious to get the prints, so we can matt them and send them to her as soon as possible. Bear, their remaining dog, just had major surgery performed on his hind quarters to relieve severely disabling pain, he was experiencing, so these pictures are extremely important to both Bon and Dave. In fact Dave, her husband, slept on the floor beside Bears crate for several days after the surgery. We know what they went through and our hearts were heavy for them through the ordeal of both.
Anyway, Kim has finished the prints and will deliver them today, which we think is extremely kind, but we’re happy to have her visit as well, to see the farm and animals. She will also look at more of Vicki’s work and make plans for doing more Giclee prints, which we will sell in the Hospice Gift Shop this spring when we open it. I hope the weather isn’t a real issue this week for us, because we wanted to take Robin on a little day trip to Vermont to several attractions there that she will enjoy, along with us. Perhaps they will clear the road quickly after the weather passes and we can then enjoy both the snows beauty and the trip.

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