Tuesday, January 27

Thurs. Jan 27th… finished everything and ready for the snow……

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We were lucky today and achieved everything we wanted to before the big snow storm hits tonight. We didn’t get to eat our usual soup and homemade bread at the Two Kids Bakery, because they were all sick and didn’t make anything for lunches today. Keren, Reggie and both kids were down with the stomach virus that has been circulating around the schools from child to child. How nice to receive this little present from your children when they drag it home after being infected by their classmates. In lieu of this, we were forced to go to Frank’s Green Hill Café for Rosa’s home made soup and sandwiches. We usually reserve Frank’s for dinner, where we get the veal Parmesan and spaghetti, which is an exceptionally good meal, but with the bakery not serving for a few days, we had to reschedule our visits. We then met Kim and received Vicki’s Giclee’ prints, which were beautiful and color perfect prints of the original watercolors. We will now get them matted and on the way to my cousin Bonnie, in Mississippi. After receiving the prints, we took off for the stove store and picked up ten bags of pellets. We brought them home and I unloaded them onto the porch and we then took off for the Albany area, where we picked up groceries at the Wal-Mart store in the Crossgates Commons. We then went to the Northway Mall, where we went into the Joann fabric store and picked up a bunch of yarns so we could knit more scarves and hat sets for the Hospice Gift Shop tomorrow while it is snowing all day long.
Everyone was hungry by then, so we went to Red Lobster where we had a delicious meal of shrimp. They offered a meal of three differently prepared shrimp, broccoli, coleslaw and muffins. Both Vick and I dined on this dish and left stuffed and Vick even brought some of hers home. Rob had a plate of shrimp in a tasty glaze with a rice pilaf. Once we returned home and unloaded the groceries and yarn, I parked the car under the barn overshot so it would be out of the snow storm tomorrow and retired to the computer room to blog, after which, we will relax a bit before bed. Run, Run, Run. Now it’s time to take it easy for a little bit.

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