Wednesday, January 28

Wed. Jan. 28th… An uncommon visitor in the snow storm……

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This morning started as any other winter morning… I was up early, let the dogs out and made coffee and was on the computer, contemplating what I would blog about when the phone rang. Upon answering it, I was reminded that the A&E repairman, was to show up for a scheduled repair visit for our lousy broken washing machine. Today?? In this lousy winter weather??? About fifteen minutes later, this A&E repair van pulls into the driveway, backs up….pulls in again ……backs up for the second and then the third time, then shut’s the engine off and he is only part way to the house. After about a minute, he starts walking toward the house with a bunch of tools and a computer, so I yelled out to him that he could drive on into driveway to the house because we have a loop driveway and he could just drive on around to the main road when he left later. He replied that he couldn’t drive in any further and get back out later, because the van only drives with one wheel and has no snow tires on it. Thus….started today’s service call…… about the fifth time since we bought the stupid thing from Lowe’s. It’s a Whirlpool Cabrio and it has been nothing but trouble since the day we got it new. Anyone buying appliances from Lowe’s needs to know that they are the worst for keeping correct warranty information, don't care and will sell you almost worthless extended warranties or talk you out of buying them and so on. If you have an opportunity to buy from a local appliance store…. i.e., Joe’s appliances…… and their reputation is ok…… we suggest you buy it from the appliance store and pay a little more before buying it from Lowe’s. When you buy from Lowe’s and buy their warranty, they fail to tell you how to call for service, or every person you talk to tells you something different. We ended up without an extended warranty and had trouble forever and still do. The unit now needs a special part that was ordered and will be sent directly here. The (get this) Sears, A&E repair service is coming next Wednesday to install this RPS sensor underneath the washer. It will take 45 minutes to an hour for him to completely disassemble the washer, install this thing on the underside of the motor, install the new wiring harness from the (already replaced computer board) to the motor RPS switch which will also necessitate a new splash guard around the motor and then reassembled. All for a price tag of $276.00 + 90 minutes down time today and then one hours labor next Wednesday. We said uhh-uhh...we're covered! (again... we've done this every time for the last four repairs and continue to have to pay for something... or everything... except for the last time when A&E covered it) Again...he looked into his little crystal ball computer this time and told us there is no record of ever having a warranty. Now I'm cross eyed and blubbering while sucking my thumb and scratching my head... Vick is steaming from her ears and her nose is pulsating, as fire shoots from her nostrils.....saying NO WAY..NOWAY!! As she is waving the Lowe's receipt like a flagman waves a flag at a Nascar raceway... stating we were covered for four years.
Lowe’s tells us we have the warranty……A&E repair (Sears) says we don’t and they want paid. Missing Link------- between Lowe’s and A&E repair = large bill for us!
Finally, we got Lowe’s on the phone with A&E, to duke it out and they all then agreed we were covered and Lowe’s warranty company would pay A&E next Wednesday for Parts and labor and any new calls until the year 2011. But you know…… our day is already shot, we have no washer until next Wednesday, we already have twice the cost of the washer in previous repairs and calls because this is the first time everyone agreed we were covered. Vick and I told everyone today that we would drag the machine out in the yard, not put another penny into it and sue everyone involved...... clear up to, but not including God, if it wasn’t fixed after having a paid warranty receipt in hand.....which is in effect for four years......while we still couldn’t get anyone to repair the stupid thing.
When the man left today, he said for us to relax…… it was fixed that he was never here today and he would return next Wednesday, first thing, to install the part that we would receive about Monday or Tuesday by mail or UPS and everything would be covered and wouldn’t cost us a thing.
What about our nerves and the lost day today fidgeting and fussing……… as Vick’s blood pressure was off the scale, her hernia is all inflamed making her sick in the stomach and I sit in the corner slobbering and blubbering in some foreign language that even I don’t understand…… in front of our dumbfounded visitor from Georgia, as she wonders if this is how our life is everyday? Who’s gonna make all that right?? Like I said…… buy from a little, local guy if you can. They really care and want your business and next time a local will have ours!

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