Monday, February 23

Mon Feb 23rd… Too, Too Cold… We’re gonna run around………

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This winter weather is becoming too much! It’s twenty-four degrees out there with a chill factor of seven degrees. The wind is blowing the front screen door open and the dogs keep going crazy, thinking someone is out there.
We decided that since all the critters are fed and watered….. We would just head down the road today and do some needed things. One of them is to see Ellie Steffen‘s gallery showing at the Odd Fellows' Atelier, on Main Street in Saugerties, NY., have lunch at the China Bowl in Kingston and shop anywhere else in Kingston that trips our trigger, before heading home and stopping at Gem Woodstove to pick up enough pellets to get us into March sometime. At the rate this winter is going, we should probably consider enough pellets to get us into July, when spring might start.
When we get home, I’ll begin designing the book cover for my poetry book. I want to do this, just to see if I can…… and if so, I might just use it. Vick has been making some great, professional looking illustrations for inside and if I can do the cover while she is making illustrations it will help us along…… but if my cover is not what I want…… I’ll let Vick come up with it. Lot’s of work… but cut’s the publishing cost dramatically. The illustration above is one of Vick's for inside the book which will illustrate the poem "OF Friend or Faux". I think she did a beautiful job.
More this evening……

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