Monday, February 23

Mon Eve Feb 23rd… Need help…… So, What’s the Verdict??

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Remove Formatting from selection We returned home from the Kingston area rather disappointed…
The Gallery that housed Ellie Steffen’s art display wasn’t open. Seems people around here are only artistic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday…… at least, that the only time the Oddfellows Atelier,
In Saugerties is open. We are now hoping Ellie’s art will be there on Saturday for us to see in exhibit, otherwise we will have to run to her backyard studio in Woodstock. We have visited Ellie’s work both in a Gallery just outside Woodstock and another time, at her home. We have set a time this summer for Ellie to come here to the farm for a BBQ cookout which we will also invite Stanley Maltzman and his friend Joyce to attend also. I’m sure Ellie, Joyce, Stanley, Vicki and I would lots to talk about since we are all artists. Below is a schedule card which contains the hours, so we can remember when it’s open. It’s in a big on Victorian style store front, upstairs above the Saugerties Antique Center on Main Street.
Since I have been home, I’ve been working on my book cover for the poetry book and I have completed one. I am going to come up with a few more, but I figured I’d try this one on you all and see what your feelings are. Just drop a Yes or No, or a full blown critique into the comment section to let me know what you think.
Vick has completed several more, so we are close to finishing that part of the book. I’m getting a little weary of the whole thing right now, so I’m gonna take a break from it.

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This is an old advertising card for the Oddfellows in Saugerties.

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