Tuesday, February 24

Tues Feb 24th… No Relief In Sight For Us Today I’m Afraid……

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Looks like another of those killer days for us today…… You know, clear blue, mile high sky, with a savage wind, that takes the fourteen degrees we now have out there and turns it into an creeping killer of minus three degrees. Everyone should stay out of this wind that can cause frostbite in minutes without you realizing it is happening. Don't go out unless you positively have too. I guess they are saying on the weather reports, that if we make it beyond today without freezing our butts off, it will possibly be above 36 degrees for the next ten days. GOOD! (even though that's almost like saying the knife you’re getting stabbed right now with is really, really dull though) I guess we’ll just feed and water critters, then stay inside and feed pellets into the stove and work on my books, illustrations, and all the other things that Sweet Vicki has going. I’m sure we can keep busy until this frigid winter weather passes us.
We picked up enough pellets yesterday, to get us through the first week in March. Boy, I hope we start to see some greater changes toward spring. The days are definitely longer and we saw some Hyacinths in the grocery store at Bryant’s last week, so spring is near, even though you’d wonder, if you were here, gazing through our sliding glass door. Looking across our collapsed swimming pool of ice, toward the barren trees of the forest…… for it looks cold and unfriendly……… nothing like spring. Spring is a feel of warmth, beauty, soft breezes and birds singing… pleasant earth smells as beautiful Easter flowers springing forth from the leaf cover on the ground… It’s a feeling… a feeling of contentment… one that makes you want to run, yet linger…… recline, yet be energetic…… dawdle, yet hurry to new things…… and many more looks and feels, too numerous to list, and I don’t think anyone can say that spring isn’t a special time that everyone loves and looks forward to. It may not be your favorite season, but I bet it’s one you welcome after the very last of those dreary, dark, cold days of winter!

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