Sunday, February 15

Sun Feb 15th… A chilly Start to yet another day on the farm……

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This morning started off with me getting a late start… Well, not really a late start, so much as my being late getting to bed last night...... or more like this morning! I was watching two of Charles Bronson's movies, which he did in the 70's, called “Death Wish”. Obviously, it was Charles Bronson night on AMC, because they had all three movies airing in a row. I watched the last two, which ran until about 4:20 this morning, after which, I finally went to sleep. so I guess that my getting up at 8:30, after retiring to sleep at 4:30 or so, really doesn’t seem that bad. Vicki was painting until around three, so I became engrossed in Death Wish II and when it was over and they started the next one, I was hooked. I dearly love that American Movie Classics (AMC)channel……

Vicki has been receiving emails about commission work to paint pet portraits for folks, on an increasing basis, due in part to showing her work on the blog. With so many inquiries about her terms, we came up with an artwork commission agreement that states everything as best she can express it. She hates formalities but I convinced her to come up with a list, which she doesn’t really care to promote. She loves to paint and create but she loves to do it in a peaceful, relaxing manner which she is worried about losing when she does commission work for people. Her concerns and fears do not lie with receiving payment as much as acceptance of her work by others, so I have tried to relieve this stress with the agreement, as you will find when you read it. If any part of it appears to be curt or pretensious, I appoligize and point out that I believe Vicki see’s it as such, but cannot invent a better, more friendly approach to the problem. Ultimately, she wants everyone to know that she would like to paint your pets, but she wants to have it remain pleasant for both parties. Here is the agreement which I devised with her help.

Vicki’s Artwork Commission Agreement

First and foremost, She enjoys painting these pictures and wishes not to paint under the stress of obligation or acceptance scrutiny, because it is no longer enjoyable to her. Therefore, she enters into a painting agreement with the understanding that both you and she must approve the painting to complete the endeavor. If for some reason, the finished artwork does not please Vicki, she reserves the right not to release it, thereby removing worry and stress of her performance, keeping it pleasurable to produce.
With the above completely stated and understood:

1. You have to submit a full, clear picture that shows the entire pet to be painted. (multiple pets may require additional cost)

2. Once the picture is received and it is determined Vicki can use it to produce a quality painting, she will give you a price Quote for the painting. (Remember, Vicki can’t see your pet in person, so she must be able to see all your pets features from this photo to reproduce a quality watercolor
Painting that looks like your pet

3. Once payment is received, Vicki will begin work on your painting and when completed, she will send an electronic copy for you to approve. When approved, she will apply the final protective coating and send it out to you for final approval.

4. When you receive your painting, you must be completely satisfied or you may return the painting and Vicki will, (per request) refund your money or re-touch the painting. Once
You are completely satisfied , Vicki will consider the matter Closed. You must walk away happy in conclusion.

5. Vicki reserves the right to maintain one “Artist’s Proof” and the privilege of displaying to perpetuate her work, or in her portfolio.

I personally think that it is extremely hard to protect yourself and make someone else feel at ease and understand what you are saying, without sounding indifferent of that end goal in the process most of the time. I hope this is not the case here and everyone understands that both Vicki and I love all our friends and acquaintances and cherish all friendships above all else. That is why she is so insistent on customer satisfaction and that no one must purchase the finished watercolor unless fully satisfied.

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