Saturday, February 14

Sat. Feb. 14th… Valentine’s Day makes Spring seem Closer……

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Once we reach Valentine’s Day, we’re almost half way through the month of February and March is in sight. We all know that once you make March, winter has lost it’s icy grip for at least another year as we approach spring on a grander scale. It is now that the chilling winter and warming spring clash forces..... and yes we still may have frosty mornings, but the twain shall never meet, for the frost gives way to the sun’s warming throughout the daylight hours. Winter can only reclaim it’s slipping hold on us again, during the darkness of night, for a short while longer. Each day will usher in more and more warmth, driving winter’s chilling grip further and further into the past, which then becomes the future of our next imminent winter.
Today we will take a jaunt, into the heart of Albany, to get a watercolor copy of Vicki’s latest piece of artwork. She did a beautiful watercolor of her brother’s pet dog, Scruffy. She worked on this pet portrait from a lousy picture that didn’t even show the entire dog, was sitting at an awkward angle, was dark and fuzzy and only wallet sized. From that, I believe she reproduced a great 12 x 16 masterpiece of his friend, one he will cherish forever as it hangs on the wall of his office. Before giving it to him, we must go and get a copy made so Vicki can place it into her portfolio.
Perhaps, upon returning, I will work out in the barn, if it is suitable to do so, because as I said above, the temperature this time of year can soar higher than they called for with the sun in it's full glory…… sending it’s warming rays earthward. I’d like to do a little more wiring and get the outside lighting completed and working anyway. Also, I'd like to place the pasture gate in the opening there so it's completed too.

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