Friday, February 13

Fri. Feb. 13th… Maybe a bad day to talk to the Insurance folks……

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Well, well, well…. Here we are, expecting a visit by the insurance folks, to go over our homeowners policy and talk about the addition of the barn. They are also concerned about us conducting a small animal farming business and the addition of the hospice Gift shop this summer. To top this all off, I just noticed it’s Friday the thirteenth. Now ain’t that a bummer? Boy it sure is good that We’re not superstitious or We would probably cancel this meeting! I know people that don’t even get out of bed on this day…… and for the life of me, I can’t understand what they are thinking! I guess if your still in bed, you can’t do much wrong, or be exposed to much. Any way…… I simply view that doing that ludicrously, stupid thing, as a waste of their lives, at least a day of it. Anyhow, I’m holding my breath today, as we await to hear what they are going to spring on us anyway… the same way I would hold my breath on any other day of the year!
I also see that the false springtime is over and that damned Pennsylvania rodent has made good on his threat for another six, long weeks of winter! (I hate that little earth rodent!!) With this thought, we will again, place the barn project on hold for more bearable weather temperatures later and concentrate on the hospice gift shop items and installing the correct QuickBooks program into the computer and loading the correct data into the program in the correct accounts so we’re ready at tax time.
We also have the Culligan dude coming to remove a zero osmosis water filter system they peddled under a tricky little program where they install it for you to try…… charging a monthly fee and tell you that all the rental fees go toward the purchase price if you like it and want to buy it. Once you decide that you want to buy it, they say they can’t sell you the one that is in…… but they will install a new one. Am I missing something here? Why a new one? Why another installation charge? What do they then do with the old system they take out……… you know … the one you have used? We decided we really didn’t need it anyway and told them to just come and remove it and forget about us buying anything. Ha, Ha, Ha Culligan! We already filter the water in the basement and then again in the refrigerator, so forget it! I don’t know why we even agreed to them installing the stupid thing anyway.

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