Thursday, February 12

Thurs Feb 12th… Showers & Wind, Showers & Wind, all day long…

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I don’t know about the showers, but the wind is definitely a good prediction and with a temperature of forty-two degrees, it feels like thirty-two degrees out there with the wind chill factor. The old trees are swaying......... oblivious it appears, to the bitter cold as they actually resemble dancers on a ballroom floor. The wind however ......... in bleak contrast, actually sounds angry, growling and moaning as it pushes the trees out of it’s way as it passes......... much like a disgruntled person barges through a standing crowd, where the trees merely move aside momentarily, as he pushes past. Funny how such things enter your mind as you watch nature in it’s element. I had hoped to work in and around the barn, but I doubt Vicki can endure the relentless wind and bitter cold. She doesn’t do well in extreme heat or cold, and options for the middle ground, are limited during the winter and summer alike. We can probably work inside the barn out of the wind, because without the chill factor, she can handle forty-two degrees, but I will have to find some wire somewhere laying around, because with our currently tight money situation…… I don’t want to buy wire. If I have none, I’ll putter around doing whatever I can with whatever I have right now. There is always little dinky jobs needing done before nice weather. If I cannot find anything out there, there’s always things to do in here.
I know we are also going to Albany today to pick up a few items we need and a QuickBooks program for the farm and Hospice Gift Shop, because I have to get it loaded and all the receipts and records entered before tax time which is rapidly approaching. This program will make it much easier to complete the bookkeeping function for our accountant when we file our taxes.

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