Wednesday, February 11

Wed. Feb 11th… BEAUTIFUL warmth….Can be Deadly Downstream

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Today they are calling for outside temps to reach fifty-two degrees, and tomorrow in the high forties…… How lovely and comfortable we will be here on the farm, working outside, doing what we have longed to do but couldn’t. Today it will be warm enough, to actually work without gloves, stinging fingers, toes and shivering. We will finally install the lights we have threatened to do, almost every day for two weeks. Shortly after attempting to start the installation, we would whimp out because of stiff, cold fingers. Today we’ll also move feed to the other barns, and maybe even get to clean them out a little after such a long stretch of not being able to get close to them with the tractor and the fact that everything was frozen solid, made it impossible to clean anyway.
Yes, we will be happy and enjoying this warm stretch of two days …… but further downstream are those who will not!
There are places in our back yard where we still have twelve inches of snow that will surely melt rapidly today in fifty degree temperatures. Figure that there are also more places north of us that have significantly more than twelve inches and that they will have the same fifty degree temperatures and you will quickly note the potential for a serious flooding problem. There are places on the Hudson where the ice is sixteen inches or more thick! When the onrush of melting snow flows down area streams, rushing into the Hudson river, the rising water will break that ice cap loose and there will be a giant rush of large ice chunks flowing down, jamming anyplace there is a bend, a shallow spot, it will jam against islands, piers or any obstruction to the flow, then everything starts to back up….. and QUICK! There will be places that cannot see the Hudson river, which will have a small stream in or next to their property, instantly overflow it’s banks and then flood their yard, their basements or worse yet, actually make entry into their homes as a result of this instant backing up of flooding river waters. The water which backs up rapidly when an ice jam forms will increase the depth of the river, pushing water back up small streams within minutes, often not leaving time to move vehicles out of the way and it’s impossible to divert this water from buildings.
We hope for the best today and that no one loses property or more importantly their life as nature moves slowly from one season to another.
There is always a calm before the storm…… today, the calm. This evening.....the storm.
Our storm came last week when our pool emptied and all we have now, is ice around the edges and a cover on the bottom liner.
Today, we may not be affected (I hope anyway)…. But God bless those who are.

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