Tuesday, February 10

Tues. Feb 10th… Shooting for a better day… shouldn’t be that long……

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The day started off with a brisk chill in the air, but quickly proceeded to be 38 degrees and overcast. I think they are calling for rain today or tomorrow…… maybe both. Who knows? Surely they don’t. I think sometimes they change their forecast as the weather changes…..
We are going to definitely try to brave the weather today to get some things done around here even if we have to run to the house occasionally to warm up. I would like to shut down the main power panel in the basement and selectively turn on breakers to determine what the hell is driving our electric bill to be over $300.00 a month. That’s ridiculous, considering it’s only Vick and I here and we don’t have an electric hot water heater……
We could also place the rails across the opening in the pasture and that would complete the pasture fence so we could turn the Alpacas loose out there when we’re ready. Once they are screwed onto the posts, across the opening, I can complete the gate anytime, by myself, without any help, because you place the ties into position and hold them with the “C” clamps while you put the screws in. The next thing is to install the hinges to the gate and onto the post, then remove all the screws holding the rails to the posts and you have it. Just the addition of the latch, and the entire gate is completed.
Last evening, Vick and I went down to the library for our once-a-month group painting get together with Carol, Jane, Danielle and her daughter. We usually start around seven in the evening and go until nine-thirty or so. Everyone just draws or paints at their leisure and encourages each other as we chat and create our masterpieces. Occasionally, I surprise myself, but I’m never surprised at the beautiful artwork Vick turns out. I truly wish I had her patience for artwork, but I’m more than satisfied to just have her at my side in everything we do and besides, she knows my writing is my joy and she perpetuates my creativity in my books and poems. We’re truly a team in that respect…… encouraging each other all the time.

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