Monday, February 9

A wonderful day in a wonderful life and then……Ouch…BEES!

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We started off the morning with a bang… taking care of the animals.... feeding them and watering them…… Then Vick got on the phone and called about what we thought was a mistake on our electric bill. We figured the bill and payment passed in the mail and they didn't credit the last payment, because the current balance was almost $1100.00. We thought we would call and inform them that they needed to correct that, so Vick was doing that when I saw her face turn as white as newly fallen snow! THERE WAS NO MISTAKE.. None at all! Yowl!!! Upon looking, the bill was a little over $400.00 more than usual, so we investigated and found that once I made the Kwh tally, the heat lamps accounted, almost to the penny, for the increase. Even at $300.00 / mo. We needed to resolve the issues surrounding the cost here, so that is at the top of our investigative list now. (and we were going to install dusk to dawn lights at the barn… front and rear... Hmmmmmmm)
Well, well, well…… how neat it is when you think you have everything under control and life is just scooting along smooth and comfy. We have been doing the work as we go…… planning what needs to be done next, then something unrelated (like the swimming pool) happens and in checking, as to whether or not the insurance will pay for any of it, you end up sticking your nose into a hornet’s nest. We called to see if the pool was covered in any way under our homeowners policy and as Vicki was talking to the agent over the phone, she also mentioned our concern about coverage against fire, on the newly erected barn…… and while they were talking about it…… she mentioned that we were going to build a small building for our “not for profit” hospice gift shop, on the property this summer too. Now… the hornets started to swarm…… as the lady wanted to know if we were going to be selling farm related products on site also. The swarm of hornets were now multiplying…… starting to obscure the original question of simple coverage for the buildings… (Ya know?…… hornets seem to have a smell for blood or money it seems.) and immediately “Oh my God… you’re not nearly insured well enough to have people on your property to buy these things!” and the $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ started swarming along with the hornets equally as fast…… so now, we have an appointment for Friday with the “head beekeeper” from the insurance office, who will want to insure us against every known peril to mankind, here on earth and possibly, on the space station or beyond, for all eternity too! Now back to the original question……… might we have any coverage on the pool? So far today, all we’ve gotten was a pair of black eyes and a good headache. Vick and I are going into a cost cutting huddle! At least that will be fun……. (the huddle part I mean…….)

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