Monday, February 9

Mon. Feb. 9th… Not so cold…not so warm…… winter just hangs on…

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Winter is still hanging on by more than the skin of it’s teeth I think. We get promises of warm temperatures during the day… and sometimes it even reaches those temperatures, if for only an hour or two…… but it made it there. That’s of no consequence when you are thinking of that temperature lasting from, say… noon to……… maybe four o’clock in the afternoon. When it only lasts for that hour, it just usually makes folks loath winter all the more. We simply roll with the flow. Yesterday, Vick and I ventured to the barn to start working on lighting, but since the wind was blowing so violently, we decided to place a piece of fabric at the top of the front door to block the wind when we open that door. Well, it didn’t take us long to see that we didn’t really need to be out there working in that wind. Likewise, we didn’t really need to be out there doing anything, because it was still very, very cold……… even though the thermometer was hitting fifty degrees in the sun…… I think it was thirty in the shade and then the wind drove the real life temperature way lower with a chill factor. We both mutually agreed to go into the house and exist until another day. Vick has so many things that she can do to occupy herself and I can vegetate with the best of them at the drop of a hat, so we had things to do.
Today, we must make the trip to Hilltown Agway to pick up our monthly load of feed for the animals. That will be a hefty $400.00 at least……… and I’ll need to get the front door open to unload it into the feed room. After the feed is safely in the barn, we can do whatever strikes our fancy……if anything!

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