Sunday, February 8

Sunday Feb. 8th… The melt is on… our temperature is at 45 degrees!!!

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WOW! It feels like spring is in the air and there will surely be water in the ditches and over the stream banks today, because they are calling for the temperature to hit 48 degrees. With the snow load we have and all day thawing (which occurred all night long too) the streams will be flooded, yet they are calling for above freezing temperatures for the next six days…… not by much, mind you, but still above 32 degrees. We will definitely get some work done in and around the barn now! I’d like to finish up the gate in the pasture so we can be totally ready for the Alpacas when they arrive, get the area lighting up so it’s not so dark at night and get the snow away from the back of the barn to access the door with feed. Perhaps I should just open the front door again. It’s usually about the same temperature in the barn as out anyway and I could cut a hanger strip to stop the air from above the door. We could also close in the front and side toward the house to make it a right angle so the air doesn’t blow in there. I suppose that would be wiser than we’ve done so far anyway. We’ll look today and decide what to do.
Anyway…… yesterday we just more or less bummed around, did very little work in the barn, watched TV some and later, went to the post office, washed the car at the “Hootersville Car Wash” near the
Two Kids Bakery, then drove down to Cairo to the CVS Drugstore and picked up Vick’s prescriptions which were ready, then drove home again to get ready to pick up our friends Charlie & Joan to share dinner at the Freehold House Restaurant, in Freehold, NY. What a nice, cozy place to dine on special occasions. It ranks about the same as the Mountainview Brasserie, But may be a bit more cozy and intimate for that special occasion!
Below you will find some photo’s Vick snapped along the trail yesterday.

Vicki made these stained glass wall hangings for her friend Robin, from Georgia.

Scarves.....both with and without hats, which we made for the hospice gift shop, in the name of Nature's Friend's of Hospice, Inc.
The scarf & hat set is $32.00 + shipping and a scarf alone is $22.00 + shipping.
The scarves are mostly all six feet long, just right for wrapping around your neck and tying.....

Hooterville Carwash

One would think it's fully automated

I suppose this is the owner and he is excited to open, but he greets you, and ushers you into the operation as if he is an attendant.

He may be overseeing the operation since they are just starting it up. They opened the beginning of last week. He may also be a contractor, responsible for the installation, but it still seems funny to have a "door man".

A lovely winter stream in Cairo

Crows in a field, faring for a meal. This shot taken along Mountain View Road

Away they fly, as Vicki shoots pictures of them fleeing.

A few views of the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC as viewed driving by the road above or coming into the driveway here and below.

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The barn is probably about 85% finished at this point, but not counting the planned expansion onto the back side where we will add a 12 x 15 bunny house this summer. It will house the rabbits we now have and the four Angora rabbits that are coming this summer too.
We are all but ready for the Alpacas.

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