Saturday, February 7

Sat. Feb. 7th… Now we know absolutely nothing more than before…

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It was especially nice that the insurance company sent an adjuster out to inspect the pool and take pictures of it yesterday. Now we know nothing more than before about our pool! We knew we had a $1000.00 deductible on the pool if it would ever suffer some kind of catastrophe that was covered…… but how would you ever know what was covered on a swimming pool? It’s not going to catch fire and burn up….that’s for sure… nor will it be carried away by a wind storm or be flooded by a summer downpour during a thunderstorm. So what is it really covered against? Obviously it isn’t covered against ice and snow causing it to collapse due to the weight on it…… and it is not covered if there is a leak and it collapses due to the cover sinking as the water leaks out or if ice freezes at the top, hanging tightly to the side walls when the water leaks out from below it, then causing the weight of the ice to crush the metal side walls that the liner and ice is hanging on either.
Soooooooo…… knowing all these things which are not covered by insurance…… what the hell is left? What if the pool just mysteriously collapses……… you know, one day you turn your back and poof…… it just collapses into itself for no reason…… because if there is a reason, it’s obviously not covered. I honestly can’t think of anything else that could possibly happen to a pool, beyond those things already mentioned above……… unless an airplane crashes into the center of the pool…… or maybe a volcano erupts in the center and boils all the water out and ruins the liner. Ahhhh, but wait…… I’d have to guess that would be another of those “Acts of God” and anyway…… with a deductible of $1000.00 on a $2,500.00 pool….. Most of that being the pump, filter, sidewall metal and liner……… I’d say $300.00 for a liner and two $300.00 tanker loads of clean water won’t even satisfy the deductible, so I’d guess we’ll enjoy this repair in the spring.
After that guy left… we just sort of lounged around the TV and pellet stove until we left for Kingston to meet Vick’s parents for dinner at the China Wok. We stopped at Adam’s Market before meeting Joe and Anita, so we could pick up a few things we needed, but it only took a few minutes and we were at the restaurant in no time. We all had a fine meal and chatted throughout, before paying the tab and all of us headed home again. I’m glad it’s freezing out there and I can’t swim!
Today is gonna warm up a little, so we’ll do a bit of work around the barn. It would be nice to remove some snow around the barn out back, so we can get the new feed into the barn from the back side, or do wiring, or finish the gate in the pasture maybe…… Tomorrow will be around 41 degrees too. Could be fun………but we definitely can’t swim!

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