Friday, February 6

Friday Feb. 6th… Up and at em…… slow is the goin’……this morn…

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I think I got the slows from the last eleven days of sleeping in and cruisin’ around slowly for Robin’s benefit, since she was on vacation and Vick and I didn’t want her to be getting up early or doing things which she is required to do at home on a daily basis. I knew if I got up at my regular 6:00 am time, the dogs would also want up and would be pestering and barking or just running around playing, making it impossible for Robin to sleep in, so I just stayed up there in bed too. (gotta tell ya I did truly enjoy it and the dogs seemed to cooperate too)
Anyway, now it is time to get back into the regular swing of things and I………errr, my back, it seems…… doesn’t care to do it!
I am a little sore and lazy this morning……… sore from lounging around last evening and then sleeping too long this morning…… so…
This morning I arose at 6:30... Put the dogs out, made coffee and browsed the net, reading all the news and then filled the pellet stove. It is now 9:15 and I will dress warmly and brave the winters chilly temperature to feed and water the animals. While in the barn, I’m gonna add the tension cable to the Alpaca gate so it doesn’t droop and we will then be ready for the little buggers… all except for the pasture fence which I can install as regular railings until the other pieces can be added, in place, like I did in the barn. So, we could get the Alpacas in a heart beat, if necessary, with just a ten minute job to do, on that gate area of the pasture, previous to their arrival.
I’ll probably do this crap until the folks from the insurance office show up around noon. We have been informed that our insurance carrier would like to come and talk about a farm plan to provide insurance for us since we have the barn to cover and are going to do the Hospice Gift shop and will have visitors on the property for that and buying eggs, etc., etc., so now we are praying to God that we will be able to afford that so we can continue with our plans, since we are not making a penny doing anything here. My theory is: “We’ll do the work for you God…… you provide the way and make it possible.” With that, I’ll head to the barn and get started.
Pictures this evening…… ( or maybe tomorrow morning)

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