Thursday, February 5

Thurs. Eve Feb. 5th… Home again and back to the old grind……

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Remove Formatting from selection We arrived, as planned, this morning at the Newark International Airport, where we delivered Robin, our friend, to the Delta Airline departure area. She signed in, weighed in and then took her seat in the terminal, to await the boarding order for her flight back to Georgia. She was visiting with us for eleven days but we only got to show her a portion of what we had planned, because we cut out many of the places we were going since she had broken her ankle two days before arriving and was in an air cast. We had a good time though. Today, she made her flight back on time and once home, had a Doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, for them to check out her foot and decide what will be done to treat it properly since she wouldn’t cancel her vacation trip here. It was misdiagnosed originally because the x-ray wasn’t properly done and read by the other Doctor, so she found out that she could have had a bone protruding through the skin at any moment if she had done the wrong thing and was very close to needing a screw in her ankle to anchor the broken bone, so it was far worse than she was originally told………… in fact, she may be required to miss a month of work until this thing is resolved, if she cannot arrange to do work that limit’s the time on her feet. Being a CCU nurse, could make it impossible to guarantee that she wouldn’t need to be on her feet for long hours, so I’d guess she will be bored at home. We wish you all the best Robin…… listen and take care….Please??
On the way home, we stopped in Paramus, New Jersey to eat breakfast around 9:30 AM in a nice little diner, then we stopped at the Pearl Paint store, so Vicki could pick up some water color paints she needed and a nib tip that Casey chewed to pieces a few evenings ago, when Vick dropped it on the floor and forgot to pick it up. We traveled on to a Michael’s store a little further down the road, so Vick could pick up some more grommets needed for the “Going Green for Hospice” bags and then we were on our way home. Ever since we arrived home, we have just laid around on the sofa or on the bed upstairs and watched TV, because all that driving wears me out. Besides…… after a week of hustle and bustle, we were ready to just slouch into the couch relax a bit.

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Tomorrow it’s back to the bump and grind of everyday life and dealing with the insurance people which are supposed to come and look at our swimming pool which just…… instantly drained itself last week for some reason. I can hear it now…………
“An act of God“, I tell you……… we can’t cover an “Act of God” now can we????? We can’t cover the snow damage and stuff……… Hell no…… we can’t do that, but don’t forget to pay your premiums on time… cause you don’t want to lose your coverage…… Oh yeah…… we might need up upgrade that coverage sometime soon too, because your things are more valuable now than before……oh yes we should increase your coverage all right…… it will only increase the premiums a little bit though…… but you definitely need updated coverage for times like these…… well, not this time, because it was an “Act of God” this time ya see.” Yeah…… I can’t wait…… I can just hear it now!

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