Thursday, February 19

Thurs Feb 19th… Obviously Winter has given up a little……

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Obviously, this could have been my business card too.......But we have fun!
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Well, I’m happy to report that the three inches of snow we received yesterday when it was cold and blowing has been reduced to about an inch already. The weather is mild, sunny and there isn’t a breeze in the sky anywhere…… a perfect set-up for the entire snow load of yesterday to disappear today and make us all happy. I must say that it was beautiful, all the virgin white snow without a track in it… but by morning the zillions of deer in our yard have it looking like the Grand Central Station of nature’s woodland terminal.
I will finish the lights on the front of the barn today, which I opted to not do yesterday in light of the nasty weather that developed a few hours after writing the morning blog, because my fingers were about frozen just doing the critters. Instead, I stayed inside and did the final re-writes on my poetry so we could start doing the proof reading and finalize everything to go to the publisher. Once the poetry book is completed and in the hands of the publisher, I will then concentrate on my biography. It’s a story about myself, Vicki, the dogs and the beginning of the farm. The name has been changed several times throughout it’s existence from the birth of the idea…… until the choice of the final name which just occurred yesterday in the bakery as we talked to Keren and Reggie, the owners. I mentioned the biography and said it was a story of us, the farm and the animals…… “It all started with a little puppy”, so in that very moment, I decided that should be the final name of the book.
“It all began with a little puppy” is finished, but I must perform the first re-write and then Vicki will edit it for me and then I will read it from beginning to end as if I had never seen it before. After that, Vicki will do the same, all the while, both of us will use a marker to circle wrong grammar, misspelled words and sentences that do not flow or ramble on. There is always a few things you’ll find, even after all the work is completed, if you just keep reading over it. Finally, I might ask my cousin in Mississippi if she would kindly proof read it also. She used to do that for a living, I understand, so she may be my first, objective critic. Vicki is too lovingly prejudicial….if you know what I mean, but then, Bonnie is the second closest female in my life too, so who knows. Anyway…… we’ll get it published one of these days and into the bookstores. That’s the main thing, but it won’t be a rapid thing, because I do that work in my spare time or mornings and evenings. That is why my blog posts have suffered a little recently. I have been working on the poetry book, but today it’s 38 degrees at 9:50 and I’m ready to hit the barns for feed and water and then, finish the lights. See ya’ll later today…………

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