Wednesday, February 18

Wed Feb. 18th… Welcome to the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm…

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It’s morning again and the dogs were rearing to go this morning at 6:30 or so, so I gave up and jumped out of bed to let them run out the back door. The want to bark at the deer, which enjoy eating grass in the yard and tormenting the dogs. They know all to well, just how far those dogs can go in the fenced yard and they as much as shake their little butts at the dogs to arouse them into furiously barking. They just stand there as if to say. “Ha, Ha, HAA… HAA… Ha, similar to a kid thumbing their nose at another to incite anger, then simply amble away, unconcerned for the dogs turbulent churning together, much like a pile of furry tailed, jumping beans, barking incessantly all the while.
With that re-occurring scenario out of the way, I can then get on with making my pot of coffee and getting down to so reading of the AOL news and checking emails and the blog, before allowing my loose fitting brain to wander aimlessly into a morning post for ya’ll to read.
It’s 34 degrees outside this morning and a bit windy, but I will still brave the elements to cut the plywood gussets and mount the light fixtures on the front of the barn. To much time has elapsed since the wiring was started and too many times we have tripped and stumbled in the dark, on our way to the barn at night. It will be really nice that the barn area will be illuminated this summer, when we have the Alpacas in the barn and pasture. The rear light has made a huge difference in negotiating around the back of the barn at night, and since I just saw huge bear prints in the snow a few weeks ago, I’d like to see where I’m going out there at night. I never want to do as a friend of mine once did in Pa, in the darkness. He wanted to go out to his car to retrieve something and failed to turn on the porch light, but just opened the door and burst out onto the porch, yanking the door shut behind him. Shortly after that, we heard a scream that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Upon rushing to the light switch for the porch light and opening the door, we saw him standing like a statue……frozen in place…… with his arms outstretched…… clutching two hand full’s of black hair. He had run directly into a huge black bear on the porch in the dark, scaring the bear off, after grabbing two full clumps of fur and tearing them out as he screamed. It took a few minutes to get him breathing normally again and pry the fur from his hands.
Anyway… that’s mute testimony for lighting an area up after dark. Even just a little bit……… especially this spring, when the sow’s emerge from hibernation with cubs……… a bad encounter in an illuminated area…… unthinkable in the darkness…… because you would probably never know what hit you.

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