Tuesday, February 17

Tues. Feb 17th Clear today, Snow Tomorrow… Hate that #*!%@&

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I hate that fat, scruffy, little, tunnel rat from Pennsylvania that always see’s his shadow…… why can’t he get coordinated with the one from New York, so they both see the same thing? The one from New York didn’t see his shadow, (although he did bite mayor Bloomberg ha ha ha) but this little rat from PA?????? He has been predicting since 1887……… that’s 112 years folks…… and of these 112 predictions on record so far, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring 14 times, making his accuracy about 39%. NOT TOO GOOD! Now, I know that winter lasts about six weeks beyond the Feb. 2nd groundhog day crap, so why don’t these stupid rodents? They could just forget it and winter would end somewhere around six weeks past his Feb. 2nd day anyway…… but no… he has to constantly see his shadow and remind us, which pisses us all off! I still want to shoot him dead, that stupid, giant, buck toothed mouseketeer looking rat.
Well, anyway…… today I bundled up and went to the barn, despite the chilly wind and ran the wires for the front lights of the barn. I got everything hooked up and ready, but quit until tomorrow when I can cut two gusset pieces of plywood for mounting the lights onto. There are two octagon boxes which will house the lights, mounted against the plywood gussets I make, so I’ll have them made and done in a half hour or so. After they’re done, I’ll run the two on the pasture side and install the fluorescent bulbs in them all. I like paying for 13 watts and getting the lighting of 75 watts. We are going to install these same bulbs in the driveway lights at the road and the night light at the garden pond too.
I will then still have the loft lighting to do which is inside and pretty easy. It’s going to be nice when the wiring is all done and there are lights and receptacles everywhere you need them. I gotta get this done so I’m ready for building the hospice gift shop too.

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