Wednesday, February 4

Wed. Feb. 4th… To Agway, Ichiban’s & who knows where else……

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We’re off! Off and running to do errands, because tomorrow at 5:00 AM, we will jump out of bed and hopefully, be on the road to Newark Airport to make sure Robin doesn’t miss her flight home at 9:00 - 10:00. She must be there ready to board an hour before the flight takes off.
Today, we will treat her to lunch at the famous Ichiban’s Japanese and Chinese Restaurant in Albany…………
Below are pictures of the barn where I finished the Alpaca stable and you can see where we will make an entry door into the new bunny building we are going to build on this summer.


Alpaca Stable

The door to the new bunny house will be just to the right of the receptacle. These bunnies will go in there with the Angora's too.

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