Tuesday, February 3

Tues. Feb. 3rd… finished the Alpacas stalls in the barn today……

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Today we went to lunch at the Two Kids Bakery and enjoyed dining on Reggie and Keren’s soups and breads. We met Stanley Maltzman there and after introducing Robin to Stanley, we all dined together, laughed and talked as we ate. After finishing, we enjoyed some pastries before leaving and going up the mountain, to the Agro forestry Building to see the art exhibit displaying Stanley’s art. We then stopped at Jem Woodstoves and picked up another bunch of wood pellets and returned home to unload and stack them on the porch. I then went to the barn to finish the stalls for the Alpacas. It’s now completed except for cleanup, which I will do in the morning……after which, I’ll take a few photos for you all to see. Since the day was hectic and I’m worn out, I’ll post a few pictures of Sunday Evenings meal when Vick’s family was here and a couple pictures of a finished “Go Green with Hospice” bag we are going to place in the Agway store, so everyone will know what the bags will look like after they are donated and we get them ready to sell in the Hospice Gift Shop this summer. Watch tomorrow morning for pictures of the barn revisions.

Vicki, her brother Richie, and Robin (Richie's wife)

A piece of Vick's art she made for Robin's Kitchen in Georgia. She made a set of two.

Vicki's dad, Joe and Katie
Near is Robin and in the background is Robin.......from Georgia. The other one is our sister-in-law.

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