Monday, February 2

Monday Feb. 2nd… Groundhog Day… and what a good one it was…

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With the exception of the little furry bastard pulling the same crap as last year…… especially when I let him off easy… he went ahead and saw his shadow and flipped out again. I’m starting the really hate this little chicken-like rodent…… so whimpy that he can’t even stand to look at his own, fat assed shadow without him having a panic attack which sent him running for the hole again…… condemning us to another 6 weeks of winter. That’s it, I’m putting out a contact on his little bow-legged ass with the first hunter I can find in Pennsylvania. Any hunter I find, could simply run on over to Punxsutawney, wait and ice him in the field, the first time he comes out again and our winter troubles will forever be over!
Today we went to Bennington, Vermont for a little day trip, so we could take Robin to the Apple Barn for coffee and an apple brownie. We were then going to run on out to the North River Winery and buy a whole case of the Harvest apple wine, stop for dinner and head home. We decided to first check at the Camelot Antique Mall just before Bennington on route 9 to check the little winery and tasting house there. We found a note on the door that the North River Winery closed. What does that mean??? Closed for the winter months or forever???? We then noticed a country store that sells wine nearby, so went there to check and see if they had North River wine. He told us the winery closed for good…… and he only had a little stock left. None of it was what we wanted……… Bummer! Now all we could do was go to the Apple Barn for coffee and an apple brownie! Uhhhhhh, the guy said…… I don’t want to ruin your day, but the Apple Barn closed early this year for the winter. DOUBLE BUMMER!!!!! Now we had nothing to do, so we drove on into town and stopped at the Ace Hardware and picked up a box of screws so I could finish the Alpacas stables in the barn. We then went looking for a place to eat and settled on Jenson’s Restaurant. After eating dinner there, we headed for home. Shortly after arriving, my cousin Bonnie from Mississippi called to tell Vicki that she received the two watercolor paintings of her dogs and how much she appreciated them. After a phone conversation of a half hour we said goodbye and retired for the day so I could write this and go to bed. Below are the pictures that overwhelmed my cousin Bonnie. She had to put Dexter, the Dalmation, down very recently due to medical problems and Bear, the black dog, went through a major surgery to correct his hind quarters, which was a very painful condition before the surgery. With all this in mind, you can imagine how much these pictures mean to her.
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Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selectionAbove is Dexter.....Bear is below
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