Sunday, February 1

Sun. Feb. 1st… A beautiful day taken advantage of is NICE!!!!!

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The weather was brisk this morning, but warmed up quickly as the sun arose to heat the barn up, melt the snow from the roof, which then allowed the green metal roof to act like a heater, making it bearable enough to do some stable work in there to get ready for the Alpacas. I installed the corner post and the three tier railing around the sides, but ran out of three inch screws and couldn’t finish. That’s fine, because after standing back and looking at it as it becomes tangible, I think I want to do a minor design change and place the gate in the entryway, lined up with the Dutch door to the pasture, instead of opening at the end. It appears that the obstruction to the entryway is better than the congestion at the end, where we will make entry to the bunny house we build this summer, so I’ll just switch it around right now and have it done and over with. As you can see. It’s going to make a really nice area for the Alpacas and we will still have an area large enough for the bunnies until we build the new bunny house onto the area where you see the red heat lamp glowing in the pictures below. After it is built, there will be nothing where the bunnies now occupy the corner space. That will be an area open for feed barrels and hay for the Alpacas, because I will make a drop hole upstairs so I can drop bales of hay down into the corner, through a small access door. I would be glad if we had mild weather like this until spring arrived, but I’m not that naïve to think that it will not get bitterly cold again before spring comes. I will however take advantage of any days that the temperature reaches forty degrees, like today and I’ll be building or doing something that needs done out there.
Vicki’s entire family is coming for dinner tonight, so they and Robin are going to experience Julia’s Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe first hand! Boy, are they in for a real treat…… Thanks again Julia…… I know you will be reading this, so you know I really am extremely happy you shared this recipe with all of us in blog land and I hope that everyone at least tried it. If they didn’t…… their loss. I can tell you all that this recipe is now a regular addition to our menu in this house. Be smart and add it to yours!
Robin & Vick are making dinner for everyone. Boy does it smell good!!

The work is progressing in the barn.

The Alpacas will be the cleared opening. The bunnies

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