Monday, March 23

Mon March 23rd… Everybody Wants Our Rabbits To EAT… Nada…

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Everyone stops to see if they can talk us out of the several rabbits we have in the barn. Now we are not raising rabbits for pets or food, so we turn them away. Our friends, for some reason… keep sending them here for rabbits… I wonder why?
Vick has an appointment with Dr. Lee on the mountain for her back again. Gotta go… we’ll blog a complete entry this evening. This morning, I was concentrating on my ISBN application for Skip Watt Publishing, the publishing company I am starting so I can publish my own books. I am buying a block of ten ISBN numbers to start because I have two completed books to publish and am already into chapter two and over thirty-five or forty pages, so I need the ten block.
Stay tuned this evening for a better more complete blog.

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