Monday, March 9

Mon March 9th… A day at the flower show in Kingston……

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We had a beautiful day at Adams Fairacre Farms, in Kingston, with Vicki’s Mom, Dad and nephew Kenny. They had a beautiful display of spring and summer garden flowers which really made you yearn for spring to arrive. Look below at some of the beautiful arrangements and garden settings the local landscapers made for all to see.
After leaving Adams Fairacre Farms market, we all went to the
Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub, where we all shared a great early evening dinner. While we all talked about anything and everything, the subject turned to my book and the need for a program to perform my graphic design work, so Kenny volunteered to accompany us to Best Buy, where we would go over the software programs available to do what I need. I found Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 to be the best suited program for my needs and bought it, so now I can read and study that program to get the most out of it and start designing book covers and illustrations with much less effort than before. Since we are now designing business cards for the farm and hospice, it will also come in handy there.
Since it’s raining cats and dogs here and melting the snow, I can’t imagine any better thing to do today than sit in front of the pellet stove and read about graphic design……… unless it would be taking a nap… there on the couch… in front of the stove… with some soft music playing… and Vicki leaning against me… uhhhhhhh, now I’ll never get to sleep!

On the dining room table at home.... Smells of spring..

These are our very close friends, the famous artist extraordinaire... Stanley Maltzman and his friend Joyce. To see Stan's fine art everywhere, just Google him.

Vicki and Her Dad, Legendary entertainer of the Catskills, Joe Drao

Vicki, her Mom Anita and her Dad.

This is a beautiful scene! To see it full size, just click here....


Vicki and Anita picking flowers.

Joe scrutinizing prices and quality.

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