Sunday, March 8

Sunday March 8th… Sunny. fifty degrees and sunny… I feel good…

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Yesterday was a lousy day for allergies or whatever crept into my body, because I had a stinking head ache all day long… my knees were killing me due to the rain and I was just in a miserable condition. At that, we still managed to go to Kingston for dinner at the China Wok, which is another one of Vicki’s favorite places. It seems we have a favorite in every town that we shop in……… in Hudson, it’s the Spring Garden. In Kingston… the China Wok…… in south Albany it’s Ichiban and in north Albany it’s the Capital Buffet.
Today, we are going to meet Vick’s parents in Kingston at the Adams Market for an all day flower show and probably grab a bite to eat after seeing the flower displays. It is a nice day and we’ll be glad to spend awhile with her parents today. After we return from there, who knows what we might do if we feel up to doing anything. The spring weather is a real boost to our energy and excitement of the coming season, but the allergies sometimes get the best of us and crush our ambition. I’m gonna try to remember to take some pictures at Adams today so all can see the pretty flowers.
Just sold five dozen eggs to a friend and regular egg customer who brought me an incubator with an egg turner. We will get it fired up, along with our own incubator in another two months and hatch him some Bantam chickens to run around at his house for his grandchildren to enjoy. We are going to have several brooding runs this summer for folks that think they want to gather their own eggs for breakfast, even though we tell them it’s gonna be a really expensive breakfast. They better enjoy seeing chickens pecking around the yard to make it worthwhile, cause eggs are cheaper to gather in a store than in your own henhouse, but they’re definitely better tasting…… and that’s a FACT!!!!

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