Friday, March 6

Friday March 6th… looks like rain today…Allergies hate that!!!

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Well it’s forty-two degrees and rising… If I have to take the rain to get moderate temperatures, I guess I can settle for that…for now anyway. My sinus’ have been wreaking havoc with me for the last several days…… in fact, if you remember a few days ago, I thought I was hatching a cold, but I wasn’t really. It was just my allergies tearing me apart. It happens to me every year at this time and when I was working in central Pa, not eating right, smoking, sleeping little and suffering from a psychotic, bi-polar and physically abusive “spouse”………I fell ill to that and this season, yearly…… sometimes to the point of Bronchitis and laryngitis that would last for months, if not end up with me being admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia. Now……… my personal registered nurse, Sweet Vicki, treats me and sends me to bed to rest and I’m over it in a day and back to normal. Amazing what a divorce, retirement and anew life with a new wife will do…… both mentally and physically. I no longer stand at my front door and look out across the world, with a blank stare and say aloud, “I hate my freakin’ life” (using the superlative form of freakin’ of course…) . I now know how life is supposed to be…… and don’t you let anyone tell you you’re dreaming or living in a Currier and Ives’ world. It does exist… Vicki and I have been together 24/7 since we got together and neither of us want to change that…ever…
We have a haircut scheduled at one o’clock today and nothing after that, so if it rains… bookwork on QuickBooks, for the farm. If no rain comes…… we’ll do whatever we can tolerate out in the barn area to be ready for the Alpacas. ***COMING IN APRIL***

This is Iggy

This is Luke

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