Thursday, March 5

March 5th…again…this morning… but a new day, from ground zero…

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I say a new day from ground zero, because I’ve resolved my link problems on my “eBooks page” of, the actual web site for my publishing business. There you can view my eBooks… one on Safely using eBay called, Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling On ebay. I have another which touches on how to safely make minor electrical repairs around the house, like replacing a defective receptacle, switch or light fixture etc., which is called The Do-it-yourself Home Electrical Repair Manual.Then, there is a great book about a young boy back in 1963, when times were tough and hunting was the mainstay for putting food on many rural families tables, by the name of A Family Tradition.
I will be marketing my “Poetry From The Heart - The Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man” there after it goes to print. Sometime later in the summer, I’ll have my biography called “It all Began With a Puppy - This Uncommon Journey”, available there too. It will be the story of Vicki and I, how we met and the most uncommon journey up to the present life we now share on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm.
Yepper… it’ll all be right there along with all of
Vicki’s latest artwork, her stained glass artwork and a huge CD we put together of last year, consisting of more than 200 quality pictures of The Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley. There are pictures of the mountains, the Hudson river, historical places such as Olana, the Frederic Church estate of Olana and the many other beautiful things we’ve viewed and photographed such as the many waterfalls, lakes and mountain sights. We are going to add a hospice gift page on there also, when time permits, but right now we are moving on the necessary preparations for the physical gift shop that will be built on the grounds of the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm this summer.

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