Thursday, March 5

Thurs Eve March 5th… Vick’s about to kill a computer… me too!!!!!

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I slept a little this afternoon and when I awoke, I felt just a slight bit better than this morning. After coughing and snorting around a little, I seemed to feel better yet, so we decided to go for pellets and to grab a bite to eat. Off we went to Cairo, where we stopped at Gem Stoves and got fifteen bags of pellets, which should take us well toward the end of March, because we can shut the stove down on warm, sunny days, which will extend the time before we need to go for more. (if any until next year)
I quickly scooted to the gas station, to fill the tank while we were there and stopped at the CVS drugstore and picked up our prescriptions which were ready, then headed for the town of Acra, on the way up the mountain road toward Windham. There is a motel next to the Agro-forestry building that serves an Indian buffet on Thursdays and Vick has been wanting to attend, since she really like Indian food. I myself, can take it or leave it, because their food is always so spicy…occasionally has a bite to it and leaves you farting like an idling motorboat…… thank God there’s usually no odor. Anyway, we talked to a fellow there and found him to be one of our neighbors for the road across the way. After chatting for awhile, we invited him to come and look at our barn and he wants us to stop over at his farm when we drive by. I’d like to see his pigmy goats and horses.
Upon returning to the house, I cleaned the stove, filled it with pellets and got it burning nicely again, before returning to my repairing of where I have spent the entire day, trying to fix the links to my eBooks. I finally found the corrupt link hidden in a file, removed it, reloaded a good link address and republished it. Now it’s ok and folks can again buy my books. Every time my computer crashes and I have to reload everything, When I loose these links, and I think about these assholes who cause it, I would contemplate murder if I could find the guys who inject viruses into peoples computers…just for fun. Anyway, now tomorrow I can work on my books final PDF file or QuickBooks. Anything but web links again. Vicki is trying to make her business card master file so she can take it to kinko’s, but I believe a computer smashing is in store if it screws up again and she has to start all over again. (as she has about four times now) well….it’s 12:51 now anyway…time for bed maybe.

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