Wednesday, March 4

Wed. March 4th… Just wanted to tell ya…… why I’m late…

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I’m late blogging today because I’m a bit under the weather with a cold or extremely nasty allergies right now. I went to bed early last night, per my nurse, Sweet Vicki's instructions and haven’t done much today, since getting up except for sitting around and sipping coffee. Vicki wants to do everything for me and I know we gotta go pick up a bunch of pellets…. probably ten bags or so, but I won't let her lift heavy stuff and when I went to feed and water earlier, I bout froze to death and I usually don't mind the cold at all, so I’ve been dragging my feet about going. Gonna go lay down for awhile……then I'll get up later and go get those pellets whether or no...... I’ll blog later this evening.

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