Tuesday, March 3

Tues. March 3rd… Yowl… it’s cold… good that spring’s almost here.

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I find a lot of comfort in knowing that spring is almost here as we deal with this eleven degree day and enjoy the new snow on the ground. I really feel better now that I know that…I do… really…
OK…damn it, I lied! I am beginning to hate the cold, now that I got a brief taste of spring, but that doesn’t make me any different than anyone else in March…… Once we reach March, we expect to see more warm days.. you know, the preview of coming attractions…the summer. Warm, comfy summer sun that blisters your shoulders if exposed too long…… blisters that invite skin cancer to ravage our bodies, if we bare them so we can be the sun goddess, once thought so beautiful. Now all those people, who once thought a bronze body was so beautiful, are now in clinics, scheduling to go under the knife, to remove the beauty spots they got from the sun. Melanoma! Such a nice word… mela… meaning a large gathering… and… noma… meaning severe inflammation, often with gangrenous tissue involved. Now, it's not such a nice word anymore, especially once you look at it. Equally…… the suffering and anguish, involved with your prize from your “fun in the sun”, is not very nice either. In fact, it’s terrible, as your body starts to actually decompose before you die.
STAY OUT OF THE SUN! If you must be in it, wear a large brimmed hat and sun block with a SPF of forty or better. There are probably many reasons why skin cancer is on the rise and I don’t care who you talk to…everyone has their theory. When it comes to your life… deal with it…all of it. Smoking, eating, sun exposure or whatever…deal with them all, if possible and increase your odds to, hopefully, never have to suffer with it. Start by wearing a hat and the sunscreen. It can’t hurt.

Today, we are not going to do anything outside…..I can tell you that!! It’s 8:30 here and twelve degrees. The high is to be nineteen if we’re lucky. All we need to do is go grab more pellets at Gem Stove,to get through the rest of this frigid week that they are predicting.
Oh well….. looks like more computer work on books and such.

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