Monday, March 2

Mon March 2nd… In like a lion… out like ya pinched it in the butt…

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My Apoligies to any and all who were offended by life's harsh realities portrayed in this morning's orginal photo. The photo of lions consuming a Gazelle in tall grass, was meant to portray the harsh reality of what Governor Patterson is doing to the elderly, who are on fixed incomes and have to come up with money they don't have, thus trying to satisfy his hunger, which is eating us alive with his taxation of everything in the state of New York. Sorry for sharing the discomfort.
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It’s like the fifteen round boxing bouts of yesteryear… “In this corner…… weighing in as heavyweight…… from the Arctic Circle… Freezing Winter…… Winter. And in the other corner…… weighing in like David, against Goliath…… Wimpy Mankind… Mankind.” Not much of a competition this year you say… Winter has kicked our butts…… perhaps we should look at that particular thought a little closer.
Like David… mankind didn’t appear to be much of an opponent for this years winter blast. It started early and most probably…… judging from what we’re seeing, will go the distance for awhile longer yet…… but look at the stats coming into this years fight. While not exactly the fight of the century…just yet, which we’ll still leave billed as the great depression of 1929, we may be well on our way to the same. And this year, as mankind stomped into the ring, going toe to toe with “Freezing Winter“… we had less and less at our disposal to fight with. Just as the strength was sapped from the body of a beaten and bruised boxing foe…… so was our financial reserves and available commodities. Oil, gas and wood product prices soared, just as everyone was taking it on the chin with the poor economy. The poor got poorer, as the middle class began to slip further and further toward the poor. As the president and everyone around him wants to cut Americans taxes…… our governor, Stupid Patterson, wanted… and still wants, to rip the remaining rags from most New Yorkers almost, naked bodies and rape them publicly, in the town square. That fool wants to increase taxes on about everything you can imagine....and probably will, while many elderly have died already this year, because they could no longer afford food or shelter, let alone higher taxes. Some could manage to keep their homes, but couldn’t afford heat and froze to death in them. Some lived and froze in their cars when they lost their homes to taxes. We are all likened unto the fragile herd of Gazelle on the grassy plains of Africa…… watching as the ferocious “Winter Lion” drags those around us into that tall grass, devouring them, as we watch…… hoping to make it to the better times. Why? Because we have no rifle against high prices...... loss of homes, health care, heating costs, prescriptions and food costs. Stop taxing all of us! Stop the blatant waste in government spending that causes this taxing nightmare and throws us to the lions.

As it was truthfully stated recently…… “ A billion seconds ago it was 1959... A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive… A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age… A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet… A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government is spending it.
We need to think about this and remember…… allowing this is just like pinching that lion in the butt!

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