Sunday, March 1

Sun. Eve March 1st… Another day came … another day gone…

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Today was an un-eventful day here on the Cluckin’ “A” Farm. It was still one of those sum-inter days again… you know, half summer and half winter…… sum-inter. I couldn’t for the life of me find anything good to take a picture of right now. The barn looks the same as it did on the last pictures we took, both inside and out. There is nothing else that changed either. I suppose you could give me a million things to take pictures of, but when you’re walking around with a camera, looking…… nothing jumps out at ya.
Timmy and Tina are not camera worthy right now, because they are suffering (just a little) from lungworm infestation, which we are treating with ivermectin, by injection. We just gave them their second injection today, so I hope to see a difference in their cough soon. The chickens are all doing ok and the ducks are…… DUCKS. They slop in the water bucket whether it’s ninety degrees or nine degrees…… it doesn’t matter to them… and messier birds were never invented that can “out-slop” a badelynge of ducks in mud or water. They’ll keep ya hoppin’ just cleaning up their messes.
Most of the day, I spent researching ISBN, UPC, CIP, LCCN and SAN numbers. Becoming your own publisher is a fairly difficult task, with all the rhetoric dealing with publisher identifications.
A SAN is a Standard Addressing Number, which I must buy to run my DBA of Skip Watt Publishing under. Entities using the SAN include book and journal publishers, wholesalers and distributors, book retailers and college bookstores, libraries, schools and universities, as well as paper and cloth manufacturers, printers and binders and others involved in the manufacturing of books and journals. This SAN number tells everyone in the industry where Skip Watt Publishing is and verifies that you are a publisher. Once you have the SAN, you can then apply for the ISBN numbers which are a “fingerprint” of the book you publish under it. The book is cataloged under this number and has it’s price there also. Once I can purchase my block of ten ISBN numbers, they will be listed under my name and will point to my publishing house when this book is to be ordered. I will then fill the order, if I have enough books on hand, or order the books from the printer. I will sell the books at the book buyers price and pay the printing house at my price. I make a little, the book buyer also makes a little, as does the printer. All pretty complicated…. But only with big book buyers like Barnes & Noble and Borders, etc., otherwise, I will simply market a lot of my books locally, because there is a quaint, sort of draw, toward customers that makes them want to buy local artists, whether they are writers or painters. You can sell your books locally in libraries, schools, book stores and some chain stores, like drug stores and general merchandisers or gift shops. I will also sell a bunch over the internet too. I'll also add them to my already available books on where they have been available for some time now. It should be a blast... and once this one’s done, I have another, then a couple of short stories about my childhood, etc. Yeah…. I’m psyched and Vick is responsible.

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