Sunday, March 1

Sun. March 1... We made it… we made it… It’s March!!!!!!!

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Well everyone… we made it through this damned winter weather into March… the month of sum-inter…… you know…… summer today and winter tomorrow! We’ll have more and more days of nice sunny warmth, but still have to endure those chilly winter like days every now and then yet until about mid-April or so.
Oh well…… winter has lost it’s grip. It’s no longer in charge, but a naughty little boy that will pout occasionally when he feels like it…
I’m becoming more and more psyched about my book writing and publishing and it makes me want to write more and more. I will publish this book of poetry and then dive into finishing the biography about Vicki and I meeting and ending up together here on the farm. After that book is finally in print, I am going to publish the book of short stories about a kid growing up in the sixties in a little community built on the edge of “the Barrens” which were the ruins of Andrew Carnegie’s Iron Ore Mines of Centre County, Pennsylvania. I’ve already written about my twelfth year there and the “Family Tradition” of hunting which was actually considered a rite of passage into adulthood in Pennsylvania, then and still today. Good ol’ Pennsylvania… where the schools and business closed down for the first two days of buck season.
Even though I’m thoroughly psyched…I must keep my feet on the ground, because we still have the hospice gift shop to build, a roof to erect over the rear deck where our picnic table and BBQ grill are kept, then we also need to expand the barn to accommodate the German Angora rabbits coming later this summer, but most important of all, I promised my wife I would put up a swing in the big tree in the back yard…… You know.. One of those single rope jobbies with a board, so she can swing like a little country girl. If she gives me that big smile and her eyes shine like they do when she looks like a little girl again, I’ll gladly put up a hundred swings………

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