Saturday, February 28

Sat Feb 28th… After today we can’t say it much more……

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Well tomorrow ushers in the Spring month! A mere twenty days more to go and we will have reached the official date for the beginning of SPRING 2009!!!!!! As I said yesterday when it was fifty-five degrees and the snow was rapidly melting because of the pouring rain, It would probably snow today…… well I was right! It was flurrying this morning when I let the dogs out to run. It is now twenty-two degrees and they’re calling for a 33 degree high today, so it’s still gonna be a bit chilly. We do know however that spring is now in the backyard and these temperatures will not last. Where we once had a warm day every now and then throughout the winter…… we will now have a chilly day throughout the following weeks of spring instead.
I love winter, and I enjoyed every day of snow which is beautiful to see up here, but I must admit I am now looking forward to those cool mornings of summer, when the door is open and the softly, hushed, breezes will again sneak through the pines out back, carrying the smell of the forest, just beyond the grassy yard, to me on the deck. I’ll once more sit out there and listen to the chickens putt and purr as I sip my coffee and soak up the penetrating heat of the morning sun. Cool breezes on my face, the warm sun on my body and sipping hazelnut coffee on the glider…ahhh, the kings ransom for the likes of such a treasure…… and all on our own back porch.
Perhaps today could be a "go take some pictures day", if we can stand the temperatures to perform a little work out at the barn…… if not, tomorrows coming and I’ve got other inside paperwork to do and books to write and publish. The poetry book is about to go to print, but Vick has two more illustrations she is doing and then I must scan them to the manuscript and finalize the contents page, then it’s off to the printer…… when we find the time and money for that!!

We went to Saugerties again yesterday, around three o’clock, to view Ellie Steffens artwork, but alas…… the stupid gallery wasn’t open, even though the sign said it was open until six o’clock. My advice to you Ellie…… With such lovely artwork, find a better place to display it. One that is willing to allow people in to see it. That Gallery is a flop house, wanta-be …… a mock of a gallery jammed into an antiquated, old rundown, dark and dingy building from the 1890’s…… great for antiques, but not for modern art such as yours.
Art with the promise of your’s should be displayed in an atmosphere conducive to perpetuating the beauty of the artwork shown……… Not at the Saugerties Oddfellows Atelier, where one would constantly feel the need to be searching those dank, dark, insectarium corners, for Rodentia and insectum denizens…… ready to lunge out at you and pull your body back into the filthy, gray, darkness. IF YOU COULD GET IN TO SEE IT!

Well, we left there and went to Richie's house for dinner and to fix Katie’s computer. After removal of 745 adware and spyware cookies injected over time and the removal of an infected email which was trying to enter with a broken command, we got it working again. I didn’t have time to defrag it, or run the disk cleanup which it badly needs, because it was never done and it's crammed so tight with junk, that it would take an entire evening to purge it of all that stuff. I truly wonder how it even works…..especially with them on a satellite, sharing a wireless router among four or five computers. I’ll email Katie and tell her what to do to perform the maintenance cleaning tasks.

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