Friday, February 27

Fri Feb 27th… Never seems to fail…unless I look forward to it……

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I plead innocent this morning!! Every time I tried to blog…… I had no inter-net connection. When I noticed it was back on, I again, tried to download and off it went again. It must have something to do with the windy conditions here today. I lieu of the connection problems…… I all but finished my book of poetry and am about ready for the ISBN and UPC number, then the CIP from the Library of Congress, cataloging service. Then I will also copyright my work beyond what I already have, so no one can steal my literary works legally.
Just got in from feeding and watering the critters, while Sweet Vicki was getting ready to fly the coop here. We are leaving a little early to head to Saugerties, to see Ellie Steffens art display at the Off Fellows Atelier, since we were there last Monday and missed admittance because they weren’t open. She is supposed to be there until the end of the month, but since that is tomorrow…… we want to go today, just in case she is removing it today.
From there, we are going to Vicki’s family for dinner and later, I’m going to try to expunge a virus from Katie’s PC, which had taken over and will not allow her to download or perform any functions. They think that since I’m well versed in this, that I may be able to do something they cannot. We’ll see. I hope I can remove the threat and restore her computer to it’s previous condition.
WOW!!! I just looked out and saw the thermometer tipping fifty-five degrees and the ice water flowing in the driveway. Hurrah!!
It’s probably gonna snow tomorrow!

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