Thursday, February 26

Thurs Feb 26... Here today… gone tomorrow… I smell flowers……

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Well, it looks as if we are gonna survive February this year. Saturday is the last day and Sunday is the beginning of March! Hang in there until the twentieth…… and we will be at the officially recognized, first day of spring, 2009!!!!! The hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are starting to show up in the stores now, which have always been the indicator that Spring was just around the corner. This has got to be the most anticipated, exciting spring, of my entire life which has about spanned a full fifty-eight years now. I have never before looked forward to spring with such imagination and enthusiasm for achieving so many goals. We are looking forward to the fruition of the Hospice Gift Shop, the barn expansion for the Angoras, the arrival of the Alpacas, the addition of a roof over the picnic table and BBQ grill on the rear deck so we can enjoy it even on rainy days. This will stop the rain from driving against the kitchen door, soaking and eventually rotting the framework. We are also looking forward to getting our boat on the Hudson river to fish at least once this summer…… or place our ABS plastic row boat, onto Tony’s big pond. (across the road)
Six little things drive us this spring…… drive us to be more excited to begin spring and usher it all the way into summer this year…… together…… hand in hand as we achieve these goals and enjoy the life that occurs along with them. Together… Vicki and me… family and friends.
Today is to be fairly nice but not sunny. If the stillness continues and we reach the forties as they are predicting, We’ll get the final gate built in the pasture and be more than ready for the Alpaca's arrival … which could be anytime of our choosing now. We’re definitely getting set-back measurements for town hall and our building permit for the Hospice Gift Shop today too. Gathered early enough…… we might just go see the town clerk and apply for the permit, along with purchasing the renewal dog licenses. If not today… then tomorrow! There’s also a lot of wiring to do yet in the barn and upstairs. Fun, fun, fun……

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