Sunday, March 15

Sunday March 15th… Got some stuff done today, but never enough

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Went out this morning and goofed around feeding and watering the critters… goofing around I say, because this was the first time since our first snow last fall that all the critters were turned loose to run all day long…… free ranging as it should be…
After such a long time of being cooped up, they were having so much fun, I couldn’t do much more than watch and laugh… finding myself sitting here and there watching all the high jinks from the
individual ducks and chickens as they came unglued. I wonder just how much the egg production will increase tomorrow? Happy chickens lay happy eggs……… and bunches of them.
We will pull eggs from tomorrows batch and get the incubator cranked up and going. As you’ll see from the pictures below… the brooding house is all cleaned and ready to go. I will take the other incubator out tomorrow and fire it up with a few eggs from the chickens and maybe a few ducks… I will positively place some guinea hen eggs in there as soon as I find more of them in the hen house. Vicki took a bunch of good pictures, so enjoy……

Here is our Turkin..... Looks like a vulture doesn't he?

They're a lovin' it!!!

Remnants of the water line installation last fall. Now it's mud.

The Guinea fowl on parade...

The hired help cleaning the brooding house..... getting ready for the incubators....

Our big boy Brahma Rooster...

One of our pretty silver laced wyandotte hens...

A view from the brooding house across the duck pond to the new barn.

Meet Philip.......Philip Pheasant!! He'd like to be in on the porch.

Timmy and Tina raiding the feeder

The Line-up. End to end chickens, almost!

And the deer are never very far off... all day long they come to visit.

Timmy on the go

And to all a good night.... tomorrow is another day and they can't wait.

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