Sunday, March 15

Sunday March 15th… Ok, today’s the day… gonna do it!!!!

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Today is the day we are gonna do the wiring in the barn for the Alpaca’s lighting outside. We’ve waited for a good warm, sunny day and this is it. It is gonna hit the high 50’s today for sure, so it will be pleasant enough to work out there, so we gonna hit it hard today.
I’ll tell Vick to bring the camera along to shoot some pictures since I am getting so terrible at remembering to do things, so hopefully, this evening, you’ll have some new pictures of the barn. In and outside……… This is gonna be the first day that all the critters are gonna be turned loose since way back in the fall when we had our first snow. They’re ready and rearing to go.
Today we are also gonna clean out the brooding house and get the incubator ready to go. We are going to place the first eggs in from today’s gathering, so that some might be turned loose from the brooding house in August. Once an egg is placed in the incubator…it will take 21 days for it to hatch, so when you are placing eggs in the incubator every day… after 21 days, you can figure on having hatches everyday… once they ready to hatch out, you can place them in the other incubator, without the turner and let them hatch and once dried off, remove them to the brooding shelf under a heat lamp to feed, water and grow……… chickens in one area…ducks in another, because chick starter feed is medicated and duck starter feed isn’t. Should be interesting and fun. Stay tuned!!!!! we’ll have pictures of that up the wazoo!!!

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