Saturday, March 14

Sat eve march 14th… A Good Time Was Enjoyed By All……………

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And so goes the story of the four people that met and enjoyed dinner at Pegasus’ Restaurant, on route 9W between Coxsackie and Athens, NY this evening. Vicki and I swung around to Freehold and picked Joyce W. and Stanley Maltzman up and away we flew to the winged horse restaurant. It’s a quaint restaurant owned by a very nice Greek lady who has done an excellent job of keeping her prices reasonable without sacrificing quality. Every meal served is fit for a king and boasts of generous portions. This restaurant is where Vicki and I go for a quiet, relaxing dinner when we are ready to unwind for the evening. It’s Great.
We got all of our feed today and another big bunch of feed bags which we can turn into “Go GREEN for Hospice Shopping Bags”. We will be able to manufacture quite a few of these bags for the gift shop when it opens this summer, thanks to the generous efforts of many farmers and friends at the Hilltown Agway. Their customers are returning their empty woven polypropylene feed bags to the store and the Agway staff are kind enough to hold them there for us.
Tomorrow, I plan to get an early start on some more of the wiring and lighting in the barn. Gotta get this done before the Alpacas show up in a few weeks.

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